Take a Walk on the Wild Side…

Whether you’re a local or an out-of-towner, you may think you already know all the best places to go and things to do in this buzzing metro.But if you’re in the mood for something off the beaten track, away from the tourist attractions or local hot spots, then keep reading! Because we’re about to explain why you don’t have to look further than your doorstep to find a cure for your wanderlust.

The Hidden Gem that is Cape Recife Nature Reserve

Bordering Pine Lodge Resort, the 366 hectare reserve offers some of the most unspoilt beaches and incredible views in Port Elizabeth. It is home to SANCCOB, sea bird rehabilitation center, where visitors are invited on an up close and personal tour of the facility. You’ll see the wonderful work this team does in caring for and rehabilitating the clumsy but lovable African Penguin, as well as other marine birds such as Gannets, Oyster Catchers and Seagulls.

When you’re done watching the SANCCOB team save seabirds, The Cape Recife hiking trail awaits. One of the best of it’s kind in the Eastern Cape, with natural dune vegetation, rocky outcrops. The fynbos, wildlife, seascapes and rolling dunes provide food for the soul and plenty of Insta-worthy photo opportunities. The iconic lighthouse, built in 1851, is a favourite for photographers, and an excellent backdrop for a #sharethebay moment! You’ll also pass the lookout point at the old military observation post (“the Fort”) with spectacular views of the reserve – Another selfie hot-spot. Then, for birders, a stop at what is regarded as one of the best bird-watching areas in Port Elizabeth.

This reserve truly has so much to offer both in natural beauty and diverse wildlife, and is an asset to Pine Lodge Resort and to Nelson Mandela Bay. We hope to shine a spotlight on the activities in the reserve more during the coming months. And remind locals and tourists that you don’t have to go very far to enjoy amazing outdoor experiences on some of the best hiking and birding trails in the country.

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On the Road Less Traveled with Base Camp’s Adventure Hike

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The Adventure Hike offered by Pine Lodge Resort’s Base Camp Adventures team is an excellent way to experience the reserve and enjoy some healthy competition. Split into teams, this unique spin on a scavenger hunt will take you to each of the reserve’s landmarks with a map and your own GPS. You and your team must play to your strengths to locate the different way points, photograph yourselves in certain locations, find hidden clues and collect special objects like sea shells. The first team to complete the tasks at each way point and make it back to Base Camp, wins!

Nature Walks

If you’d like a more low-impact tour of the reserve, one of the passionate Base Camp instructors will take you on a guided Nature Walk. Setting off from Pine Lodge Resort, this 9km trail will take you through the Roseate Tern Trail, and past arguably the best bird hide in Nelson Mandela Bay. Over 60 species of bird call this stretch of coastline home – Great news for birders wanting to tick off a few elusive names on their list. After about 3.5 hours enjoying the local bird life, unique coastal landscape and tidal pools, head back to the Resort to enjoy a poolside drink and chat about the day’s adventures.

Pine Lodge Resort Cape Recife Nature Reserve Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape

For more information about these and other fun Base Camp Adventures, contact Luke Hardwich on adventures@pinelodge.co.za or 041 583 4004

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