Busy corporate travelers have different priorities to the leisure guest. From WiFi to laundry, dinner or printing, we’ve examined the amenities and services that can take their stay from “okay” to “excellent!”.

1. Location

When time is of the essence as is so often the case on a business trip, it’s important to be situated close to the areas where you are working or meeting, which means finding accommodation in a convenient location.

Pine Lodge is conveniently located just a few kilometers from Port Elizabeth Airport, many central business and industrial areas, as well as tourist hot-spots such as the Port Elizabeth beachfront -Whilst still being secluded and peaceful.

2. Free wireless internet access

Business travelers need to stay connected on the go while they travel, so accessible internet connection is essential.

We offer our corporate guests 500 MB of free in-room WiFi to get online and get things done!

3. In-room work desk

These travelers have work to get done and it’s important they can do in their room. It’s great to have a comfortable work space available with convenient plugs for laptops and space for paperwork.

Our recently upgraded business suites include a spacious, comfortable working space with multi-plugs for the busy, tech-savvy traveller

4. Self-catering

Reps, contractors and other business travelers who travel often and across long distances are often on a tight budget. Self-catering accommodation allows the freedom to make your own meals according to your schedule, and not break the bank while doing it. Not to mention the basic human need to make your own coffee!

Our self-catering rooms offer everything a busy traveler could need to make themselves a strong cup of coffee before they head out or a quick, hot dinner after a long day. Stove, kettle, toaster, microwave, spatula, cutlery and dishes are all at your disposal.

5. Business Services

It can be a great perk for someone traveling on business to have access to printers, photocopiers, basic office supplies and even a meeting or conference room on occasion. Finding accommodation which can provide this adds a new level of convenience for the stressed businessperson.

The Pine Lodge admin block and Conference Centre will assist you with any printing, binding or copying services you may require during your stay with us.

6. Fresh Air

After a long day at the office or on site, many corporate travelers will appreciate the chance to recharge with a cool sea breeze and natural greenery, rather than going back to a stuffy hotel room.

We pride ourselves on our stunning location and pristine natural surrounds. The perfect place to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life without travelling too far.

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7. Onsite Dining and Room Service Options

When travelling alone, it’s nice to have the option of enjoying supper in a restaurant on site or having your meal brought to your room. Having multiple on site venues offering a variety of coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner options adds an extra level of convenience for corporate guests, particularly if they are on a lengthy stay.

The Resort boasts 3 on-site restaurants – Ziggy’s Restaurant, our vibey tapas, seafood and pub-lunch venue with a deliciously varied menu and fully stocked bar, The Robin Room breakfast and function venue, and our newly renovated pool-side coffee shop with it’s delectable treats. If you don’t feel like heading out, Ziggy’s will deliver your meal straight to your room.

8. Laundry Services

For the busy, multitasking business traveler, having your laundry done at your accommodation can make all the difference.

Pine Lodge offers corporate travelers a free load of laundry from our friendly, on-site laundry service.

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Are you a business traveler visiting Port Elizabeth?

Pine Lodge Resort have recently upgraded our H-units to cater to the particular needs of the busy corporate traveler. We’ve added in-room wifi, laundry services, a professional workspace and plug points. In addition, we’ll provide you with convenient business services such as photocopies, and our restaurant, Ziggy’s, will deliver your meal straight to your room.

Let us know if you agree with our list, and get in touch today to book your business suite!

041 583 4004 or email enquiries@pinelodge.co.za

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