Team Building

In South Africa teambuilding has become more important than ever, enabling managers and employees to learn how to understand different work ethics and diverse cultures and traditions. Research has shown that teambuilding greatly benefits both employee and employer.

The main characteristic essential to a good team player is the willingness to listen and respect other people’s views. A good leader in the team is crucial to its success, someone who tends to guide and coach as opposed to instructing and dictating. Support and acknowledging a team for work produced makes a great difference in the longterm efficiency of the team and therefore business.

5 reasons to consider teambuilding

    • Increase in productivity / activity, communication, co-operation & tolerance
    • Reduction in stress / fatigue
    • Increase in staff morale – research shows increase of approx 60%
    • Increases motivation and strengthens the cohesion between team members.
    • Teaches the ability to see opportunities as opposed to problems
Here at Pine lodge we have just the solution to make your team-building event one to remember. We can offer a wide range of activities ranging from Icebreakers and 10-minute break away activities to team-building activities and adventures. Some of our available packages are listed below but should you require something customized according to your individual needs, please contact us.

Standard Package

Spend a few hours away from the office and enjoy a wide variety of activities aimed at building synergy within your team. Program includes a variety of ice-breakers, high-ropes facilitation, ziplines, climbing wall, debrief and team challenges.

GPS Amazing Race

Test your orienteering skills and teamwork in this fun-filled race. Grab your GPS and head off to the next waypoint where a variety of challenges await including air rifle shooting, climbing walls and ziplines. First team to collect all the challenge tokens wins!

Top Shot Challenge

How good is your aim? Compete in teams as you attempt to complete a variety of target shooting challenges with a variety of weapons. From mini-cross bows to slingshots and air rifles – hit the target and take your team to victory.

Survivor Hike

Set in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve this challenge will require all the teamwork you can muster. Explore the beauty of PE’s ‘Wildside’ as you use your GPS to find the waypoints and photograph the hidden clues. First team to complete the hike with all the photos wins!

Don’t have the time for a full day of teambuilding?

Why not try our Adventure Activities? Designed to give your team a strategic break during your day of conferencing at Pine Lodge, these activities will help refocus and re-energise your staff. Get your team to spend 1 hour having some fun participating in ice-breakers or various target shooting activities.

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